Are You a Specialist or a Generalist?

Bunnies are neither.

Simon Black


Simon Bunny Blog №22

Photo by Waranya Mooldee on Unsplash

Frogs wallow deep in the muck and specialize on what they see up close. They are called specialists.

Birds fly high and see the general picture of things. They are called generalists.

Bunnies, though, don’t see the big picture because we cannot fly, nor do we see up close very well either, as we are very skittish and too nervous to get close to anything.

So how exactly can we help your organization? If we’re not generalists nor specialists? Why bother hiring a bunny?

Because we are generally special.

That’s right. Have you ever cuddled a bunny. Each one feels so cuddly but always in his or her own special way. Some are softer, some almost purr, and some you can hypnotize into a trance of bliss just by stroking our long ears.

Give a bunny a try today. You will be especially and generally glad you did.



Simon Black

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